Mass-mailing fee

One of the core advantages of Getsocio is its own mailer that allows to send newsletter to subscribers. Each pricing plan you choose has a daily newsletters limit that you can send free of charge. For all newsletters over the daily limit the mass-mailing fee is applied.

500 e-mails daily for free
5000 e-mails daily for free
15 000 e-mails daily for free
25 000 e-mails daily for free

How it works

The mass-mailing fee is charged daily
after your newsletter is completely sent.
The fee will be withdrawn from your
website balance according to newsletter
statistics. If the e-mails amount does not
exceed the daily limit for your pricing
plan, then no mass-mailing fee is applied.

Newsletter only

The mass-mailing fee is only applied
to the newsletter with deals. All other
automated e-mails sent by your site,
such as payment confirmation, subscription
created, etc. are not covered with this fee
and will be sent free of charge.

Other options

It is not required that you send all
your newsletter through Getsocio
mailing system. You may use any of
available third-party mass-mailing ( for example MailChimp ) systems or you can even combine