The Shopping Cart Almost Ready!

Friday, June 15, 2012
Have you ever been on a website to purchase something and you have found multiple items you are interested in? You want them all but you have to purchase them one at a time and get frustrated and decide to stop before buying every thing you see. Maybe some of your customers have too. This is why we will soon be rolling out the Shopping Cart. This gives your subscribers the chance to purchase multiple deals at once without needing to constantly backtrack and repeat  multiple steps to buy what they want.
Having a shopping cart is one of the most crucial steps in making your Daily Deals website a success. It will offer your customers a one stop payment processing center where they will be able to manage all their orders on one page.

What is a Shopping Cart?

A shopping cart is just like you would expect to use in a supermarket. It is where your customer finds something they like on your site and clicks on it to add it to the Shopping Cart then they move on to other products and finds items they are interested in and adds them into the cart. Once they are finished browsing your deals they will go to the Shopping Cart to 'Check out'. This is where they would process the payment for their chosen items.

How does the Shopping cart work?

It simply grabs information as the customer clicks on it and stores it until the customer is ready to check out. At this point it posts everything onto a page for them to view and adjust the choices they have made.

The Shopping Cart Program

The Shopping Cart will be quick and easy to install. Keep your eyes on our blog and we will let you know as soon as it is ready to go!