Keeping tabs on your Settings

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getsocio is growing every day and, thus, grows the number of settings you can tweak. And the new layout of Settings page comes along to guide you through all that variety of options. All settings are now grouped under tabs with nice icons. No need to scroll down to quickly make some adjustment.

While the settings fall under different tabs the "to do" list on your site customization remains on the right side, giving the status and reminding you what needs to be done before the launch. The tabs come in order of their relevance. The default tab is "Site identity" - the one, allowing to make your site completely "white-label". This is where you upload your logo and favicon and setup your own domain. Then goes visual customization tab "Themes", this is where you pick one of the 3 available themes and upload your own background. Next comes "User experience", where you can slightly tweak the paths your visitors undertake on your site. Some more tabs related to essential daily activity and the last come 3rd-party services integrated into Getsocio (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp).

Grouping of settings is very intuitive. Need to setup a payment system? Go to "Payment". Want to have the highlights printed on the coupon? Check "Deal defaults" tab. Wish to turn off automated newsletter and send it manually? Look for the relevant toggle under "Email" tab. Likewise new language is added via "Languages" and the Application ID for Facebook Login should be submitted through the "Facebook" tab. You see? Easy as pie!

Update: we've got some questions like "where have the categories gone to?". The following features are now available under Settings:

  1. Locations.
  2. Categories.
  3. Payments.
  4. Languages.
  5. Themes.